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Gienah Beaty
Phone 512-570-7448

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Library Hours

7:20 am - 3:00 pm

Library Check Out Policy

PreK = 1 book
K-1st = 1 book at a time
2nd = up to 2 books at a time
3rd-5th = up to 3 books at a time

Students may check out books for a 2 week period, but there is no late fee.  Books can be renewed if there are no holds on the book. 

Lost, Late, & Damaged Books

Students are encouraged to return books as soon as they are finished.  Notices for books that are more than 1 week overdue are automatically sent to parents each week to help families keep track of books.  Although overdue notices are sent, there are NO fees for books returned late. 

Though fines are not charged for late books, the replacement cost for lost or damaged books should be paid as quickly as possible.

Contact the librarian with related questions.

Mrs. Beaty

Howdy, Wildcats!

I'm Mrs. Beaty (rhymes with "lady")!  This will be my third year as a librarian and I am happy to be part of the Whitestone family.  I have the privilege of teaching Wildcats library and digital citizenship skills as well as promoting literacy and a general LOVE of reading!

My husband and I live in Leander now but I have also lived in California, Colorado, Michigan, and China.  Our adult daughter lives just north of Chicago.  In addition to reading, I enjoy yard work, walking, games, and cooking.

Come by the library any time!

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Our mission is to lead our school communities by fostering literacy in an environment that challenges students to IMAGINE possibilities, EXPLORE opportunities and CONNECT with the future and the world.